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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Snorkel Set

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FAQ  – Frequently Asked Questions about Snorkel Set

1. What is a purge valve on snorkel?

Modern types of snorkels usually come with a purge-valve that helps to keep the tube clear by collecting a small amount of water in a sump area that makes clearing the tube easier. When you blow out, a little one-way valve opens and lets the collected water to clear. All types including simple J models, semi-dry and dry snorkels can feature a purge valve. Important is to rinse the purge-valve after snorkeling to remove the salt and sand otherwise it can get clogged.

2. How to clear your snorkel?

Learning how to clear your snorkel is an important step if it comes to snorkeling safety. Always practice the techniques in a pool or calm, shallow water before heading to open water.

Blast clear

An easy technique that works with all types! You need to blow the water out through the tube by exhaling sharply when resurfacing. If your snorkel has a purge-valve, water will flow out over that valve as well making the clearing faster.

Displacement clear

This method works if you don’t have a purge-valve on your tube. When underwater, exhale a little air into your snorkel. This air will expand when you surface and will force the water out of the tube. Alternatively, if you don’t manage to clear your snorkel with this methods and if water conditions allow, stay horizontally in the water, raise your head out, remove the mouthpiece and let the water simply flow out.

3. How to attach a snorkel to the mask?

All snorkels come with an attachment that will secure the tube to the mask. This can be a simple plastic hook or a 2-piece plastic attachment. In case you have the second version, one part has to be on your mask strap while the other on the tube. If you don’t like these plastic versions, you can get a silicone snorkel keeper that fit any type and size of tube. If you would accidentally lose or break the keeper, don’t worry. You can attach the tube to the mask simple by putting it under the mask strap. Free divers often use this trick in order to reduce the drag and get a more secure hold. You might wonder which side of the mask does the snorkel go on but it is super easy to decide! Because of the common mouthpiece design, snorkel goes always to the left side of your mask.

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