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How to shop in Prime Day

By :Belle Zhou 1 comments
How to shop in Prime Day

1. Become a Prime member firstly.

Only you are a prime member, can you enjoy the free shipping benefits.

2. Select products that you interested in.

If you want buy some snorkeling gears for your summer traveling preparation, do not miss our
explosive products-Swim Fins which help you improve your speed of swimming.
Now let me introduce this special item to you.

As they boast high performance, extreme lightness, easy kicking, and astonishing comfort while

using. And, made from top silicone materials, they will not sink in either fresh or salt water, making

them ideal for open water and pool training. They help you swim faster and farther while consuming

less energy, making it easier for you to enjoy the underwater world.

Besides, with an open heel design, they'll hold your feet nice and secure in the water no matter

what foot sizes you are. With soft adjustable strap, they’ll never cause a blistered heel, but giving

you a comfortable snorkeling experience.

Now, take Diveitone fins and enjoy the beauty of underwater world.


3.Mark your calendar: Prime Day kicks off July 16 at 3 pm ET!

This is last but most important thing that you need to remember if you do not miss much surprise.






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Jul 18, 2018

Just purchased a diveitone full face snorkelling mask, I have put the breathing tube on and want to remove it to put it back in the storage bag but it has locked on and will not move without excessive force it looks like I have to lever up the ends to get over the latching notches and pull at the same time ??. the instruction say not to use excessive force ?.
Please advise

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