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How to choose your snorkel fins?

By :Belle Zhou 0 comments
How to choose your snorkel fins?
Do you enjoy snorkeling, swimming or scuba diving? Fins will be an important part of your gear. But what are the different types of fins? There are many key features that you should know about before deciding on the best fin for you.
Full Foot VS Open Heel
This is the most important key feature in determining the type of snorkeling fin that is best for you. Whether you decide to opt for a full foot or an open heel design, it is best to start by learning your foot size.
Full foot fins
These are designed to be worn without the use of socks. This barefoot design is excellent for snorkeling in warm water. These fins typically tend to have shorter blades and have a lighter weight than open foot fins. For this reason, they are better for traveling.
Open heel fins
These fins are often worn with booties as the heel strap can cause chafing on your heel. This makes them perfect for cold water swims as the socks will add warmth. This is great for snorkeling sites that require a long on shore trek as they protect your feet. This style is much more popular than their closed toed counterparts as they fit a wider range of feet.
Split or Paddle
There are two main types of blades for snorkeling fins. Split fins provide the same, if not more, propulsion as blade fins. This requires you to use less effort and therefore allow you to swim for longer.  Paddle fins on the other hand have a stiff single blade design that requires more leg muscles to get you moving.
Long Fins VS Short Fins
Long fins tend to propel you much faster through the water and require much less effort. These are great for beginners as they move you much faster than their short fin counterparts. Short fins on the other hand produce a lot of power with every kick while being compact in size and therefore easy to travel with.
Now our Diveitone fins exactly meet all your needs, for we have two types of fin. 
If you want to buy one fit for traveling, also with open heel, light wight, you can choose it.


However, if you want to buy one  for swimming or diving training, you can select this long and full foot fin.


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